Part 01: The Story

The "God is a designer" phrase was created in 2008 by Angel Acevedo. An unassuming origin with widespread appeal. Here is a breakdown as how it started and how far it's come.

Part 02: The Apparel

The GIAD™ Classic short sleeve has been remixed for a decade. To launch an apparel brand, a small concept collection was created. Here is a look at the process of concepts and tech packs.

Part 03: The Garments

Garments cuts and fabrics are just as important as the design elements. Take a look at the garment samples that will ultimately decide the overall aesthetics.

Part 04: The Headwear

For the soft-launch of GIAD™ there will be a few items available as we continue building the brand. The sampling process helps us review the rhythm of the design work with the fabrics of the items.

Part 05: The Launch

It's here. Let's talk about the Alpha Launch and the steps we took to make it happen.


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